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Roll it ice cream co. Creates a bespoke catering experience four our customers. With custom menu's and ingredients to personalised van design, we've got you covered!


From wedding catering, to rolled ice cream parties, to large corporate events, we can cater for all. Hire delicious desserts for your event now. 

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Our rolled ice cream catering service provides a tasteful and exciting element to add to your wedding or event. Our perfected technique of creating rolled ice cream means that it is made to order, fully customisable and adds a sense of fun and excitement to the catering process.


At Roll It Ice Cream Co. We offer you upmost control, control of your menu, your ingredients and your final product.


From decking-out our van in your company's design elements, to filling the outside with peonies or roses, really.... we can do anything.


We're excited to begin this journey with you...​ 


...we pride ourselves on providing a fully customised, immersive, and unique catering and event experience.


We offer our clients a fully customised event menu, made with the ingredients they choose, with personalised names and ice cream cups.


We like to think of our service as a memory‘ look book.’ You can create an ice cream that evokes memories of where you first met, your favourite holiday spot, your favourite movie character or just something that reflects your business or the theme of your event.


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